Pureprene® 4483

PTMG polyether-based liquid urethane prepolymer - processable by conventional hand and machine mixing techniques.

Pureprene® Custom

From anti-foam, longer pot life, higher heat resistance, or increased life cycle, we have the expertise to create your custom solution.

Pureprene Products

Pureprene® 3282, 3290, 3295, 4495, 6020, 8021 & others are available at competitive prices and unmatched quality – SDS available upon request.

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Pureprene® 4483

A PTMG polyether-based liquid urethane prepolymer that is readily processable by conventional hand and machine mixing techniques.  Equivalent performance to Adiprene® L-83, Pureprene® 4483 produces high quality elastomers in the 83 °ShA hardness when cured with Moca. Because this product is a workhorse in mining applications, it is kept in stock, and is available for immediate shipment.

Pureprene® Prepolymer

Our quality Pureprene® products are available in polyether, polyester and special polyols backbones terminated with either TDI, MDI, and PPDI isocyanates. Whatever you need, our high performance elastomers are up top the task. Whether you manufacture wheels, rollers, belt cleaners, chain drives, pipeline pigs, coatings, or any thermo set polyurethane elastomer product, we have the quality and price to set your company apart. We have the quantities you need too. From a pale, to a drum, or entire truckload, we can manufacture in the quantities best suited for your company. Custom solutions are also available, so contact us now for your own specialized product!

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