About Us

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Our Story

Founded in 2008, Purel Chemical was formed to provide a quality alternative to the few giant chemical suppliers that controlled the polyurethane market.  Our staff represents over 30 years of industry experience in chemical formulation, manufacturing, and end user production. From multinational, billion dollar corporations to local small businesses, we have a proven track record of quality, consistency, and integrity.

The initial inspiration for our company came as a response to R&D developments that produced certain proprietary formulas that provided superior properties to anything currently available in the Polyurethane Industry. We saw an opportunity to take this creativity and apply it to the needs of those seeking a competitive edge in an ever increasing hostile environment. For those companies seeking premium polyurethane raw materials in high speed, high load bearing, and harsh wear or chemical environment applications, Purel Chemical is the answer to their long term profitability.

Our over 12,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility is located in beautiful Dade City, Florida. Equipped with state of the art reactors, a testing laboratory, and a team of highly skilled and specialized staff, Purel Chemical is ready to deliver the chemicals your company needs with the price and quality your customers demand.  From a few drums or truckloads, from common to specialized, or even custom designed and made, our facility can manufacture the quantities and quality you need at the competitive price you require.